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2018v3.1 - Exam 4 - 75 minutes

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1. You are testing a mobile app that allows users to find a nearby restaurant, based on the type of food they want to eat. Consider the following list of test cases, priorities (smaller number is high priority), and dependencies, in the following format:

Which of the following is a possible test execution schedule that considers both priorities and dependencies?

Select ONE option.

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2. You have just completed a pilot project for a regression testing tool. You understand the tool much better and have tailored your testing process to it. You have standardized an approach to using the tool and its associated work products. Which of the following is a typical test automation pilot project goal that remains to be carried out?

Select ONE option.

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3. Which of the following is an example of a task that can be carried out as part of the test process?

Select ONE option.

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4. You are performing system testing of a train reservation system. Based on the test cases performed, you have noticed that the system occasionally reports that no trains are available, although this should be the case. You have provided the developers with a summary of the defect and the version of the tested system. They recognize the urgency of the defect and are now waiting for you to provide further details.

In addition to the information already provided, the following additional information is given:

1. Degree of impact (severity) of the defect
2. Identification of the test object
3. Details of the test environment
4. Urgency/priority to fix
5. Actual results
6. Reference to test case specification

Which of this additional information is most useful to include in the defect report?

Select ONE option.

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5. Which of the following is a common test metric often used to monitor BOTH test preparation and test execution?

Select ONE option.

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6. You are working as a tester on an Agile team and have participated in over two dozen user story refinement sessions with the product owner and the developers on the team at the start of each iteration. As the reviews have gotten more effective at detecting defects in user stories and the product owner more proficient at correcting those defects, you and the team notice that the team’s velocity, as shown in your burndown charts, has started to increase. Which of the following is a benefit of static testing that is MOST DIRECTLY related to the team’s increased velocity?

Select ONE option.

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7. Which one of the following is the description of statement coverage?

Select ONE option.

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8. Which of the following statements about test estimation approaches is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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9. A video application has the following requirement: The application shall allow playing a video on the following display resolution:

1. 640x480
2. 1280x720
3. 1600x1200
4. 1920x1080

Which of the following list of test cases is a result of applying the equivalence partitioning test technique to test this requirement?

Select ONE option.

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10. Which one of the following is the characteristic of a metrics-based approach for test estimation?

Select ONE option.

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11. Which of the following statements is a valid objective for testing?

Select ONE option.

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12. Which of the following tasks is MOST LIKELY to be performed by the test manager?

Select ONE option.

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13. Which of the following statements is true?

Select ONE option.

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14. Consider the following types of defects that a test level might focus on:

a) Defects in separately testable modules or objects
b) Not focused on identifying defects
c) Defects in interfaces and interactions
d) Defects in the whole test object

Which of the following list correctly matches test levels from the Foundation syllabus with the defect focus options given above?

Select ONE option.

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15. Consider the following state transition diagram for a credit-card only, unattended gasoline pump:

Assume that you want to develop the minimum number of tests to cover each transition in the state transition diagram. Assume further that each test must start at the beginning state, waiting for customer, and each test ends when a transition arrives at the beginning state. How many tests do you need?

Select ONE option.

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16. In a formal review, what is the role name for the participant who runs an inspection meeting?

Select ONE option.

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17. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes a role of impact analysis in Maintenance Testing?

Select ONE option.

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18. An employee’s bonus is to be calculated. It cannot be negative, but it can be calculated down to zero. The bonus is based on the length of employment:

• Less than or equal to 2 years
• More than 2 years but less than 5 years
• 5 to 10 years inclusively
• Longer than 10 years

What is the minimum number of test cases required to cover all valid equivalence partitions for calculating the bonus?

Select ONE option.

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19. You are working as a tester on an online banking system. Availability is considered one of the top products (quality) risks for the system. You find a reproducible failure that results in customers losing their connections to the bank Web site when transferring funds between common types of accounts and being unable to reconnect for between three and five minutes.

Which of the following would be a good summary for a defect report for this failure, one that captures both the essence of the failure and its impact on stakeholders?

Select ONE option.

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20. Which of the following CORRECTLY matches the roles and responsibilities in a formal review?

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21. Given the following state model of a battery charger software:

Which of the following sequences of transitions provides the highest level of transition coverage for the model?

Select ONE option.

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22. How can white-box testing be applied during user acceptance testing?

Select ONE option.

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23. As a test manager you are responsible for testing the following parts of requirements:

• R1 - Process anomalies
• R2 - Synchronization
• R3 - Approval
• R4 - Problem solving
• R5 - Financial data
• R6 - Diagram data
• R7 - Changes to the user profile

Notation: Logical requirement dependencies (A -> B means, that B depends on A):

Which one of the following options structures the test execution schedule according to the requirement dependencies?

Select ONE option.

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24. A company's employees are paid bonuses if they work more than a year in the company and achieve a target which is individually agreed before.

These facts can be shown in a decision table:

Which of the following test cases represents a situation that can happen in real life, and is missing in the above decision table?

Select ONE option.

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25. Which one of the statements below describes the most common situation for a failure discovered during testing or in production?

Select ONE option.

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26. You are working on a video game development project, using Agile methods. It is based on Greek mythology and history, and players can play key roles in scenarios such as the battles between the Greeks and Trojans.

Consider the following user story and its associated acceptance criteria:

As a player,
I want to be able to acquire the Rod of Midas (a new magic object),
so that I can turn objects and other players into gold
AC1: The Rod must work on any object or player, no matter what size, which can be touched anywhere by the player holding the Rod
AC2: Holding the Rod does not change the player holding it into gold
AC3: Any object or player touched by the Rod transforms completely into gold within one millisecond
AC4: The Rod appears as shown in Prototype O.W.RoM
AC5: The transformation starts at the point of contact with the Rod and moves at a rate of one meter per millisecond

You are participating in a checklist-based review session of this user story.

This user story and its associated acceptance criteria contain which of the following typical defects identified by static testing in this type of work product?

Select ONE option.

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27. Which of the following statements on the use of checklists in a formal review is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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28. Which of the following BEST defines risk level?

Select ONE option.

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29. Mr. Test has been testing software applications on mobile devices for a period of 5 years. He has a wealth of experience in testing mobile applications and achieves better results in a shorter time than others. Over several months, Mr. Test did not modify the existing automated test cases and did not create any new test cases. This leads to fewer and fewer defects being found by executing the tests. What principle of testing did Mr. Test not observe?

Select ONE option.

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30. Which statement about the relationship between statement coverage and decision coverage is true?

Select ONE option.

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31. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY reflects the value of static testing?

Select ONE option.

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32. A daily radiation recorder for plants produces a sunshine score based on a combination of the number of hours a plant is exposed to the sun (below 3 hours, 3 to 6 hours or above 6 hours) and the average intensity of the sunshine (very low, low, medium, high).

Given the following test cases:

What is the minimum number of additional test cases that are needed to ensure full coverage of ALL VALID INPUT equivalence partitions?

Select ONE option.

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33. You will be invited to a review. The work product to be reviewed is a description of the in-house document creation process. The aim of the description is to present the work distribution between the different roles involved in the process in a way that can be clearly understood by everyone.

You will be invited to a checklist-based review. The checklist will also be sent to you. It includes the following points:

i. Is the person who performs the activity clearly identified for each activity?
ii. Are the entry criteria clearly defined for each activity?
iii. Are the exit criteria clearly defined for each activity?
iv. Are the supporting roles and their scope of work clearly defined for each activity?

In the following we show an excerpt of the work result to be reviewed, for which you should use the checklist above:

"After checking the customer documentation for completeness and correctness, the software architect creates the system specification. Once the software architect has completed the system specification, he invites testers and verifiers to the review. A checklist describes the scope of the review. Each invited reviewer creates review comments - if necessary - and concludes the review with an official review done-comment."

Which of the following statements about your review is correct?

Select ONE option.

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34. During a period of intensive project overtime, a system architecture document is sent to various project participants, announcing a previously unplanned technical review to occur in one week. No adjustments are made to the participants’ list of assigned tasks. Based on this information alone, which of the following is a factor for review success that is MISSING?

Select ONE option.

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35. You are running a performance test with the objective of finding possible network bottlenecks in interfaces between components of a system. Which of the following statements describes this test?

Select ONE option.

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36. A batch application has been in production unchanged for over two years. It runs overnight once a month to produce statements that will be e-mailed to customers. For each customer, the application goes through every account and lists every transaction on that account in the last month. It uses a nested-loop structure to process customers (outer loop), each customer’s accounts (middle loop), and each account’s transactions (inner loop).

One night, the batch application terminates prematurely, failing to e-mail statements to some customers, when it encounters a customer with one account for which no transactions occurred in the last month. This is a very unusual situation and has not occurred in the years since this application was placed in production.

While fixing the defect, a programmer asks you to recommend test techniques that are effective against this kind of defect. Which of the following test techniques would most likely have been able to detect the underlying defect?

Select ONE option.

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37. Which activities are carried out within the planning of a formal review?

Select ONE option.

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38. You are testing a mobile app that allows customers to access and manage their bank accounts. You are running a test suite that involves evaluating each screen and each field on each screen against a general list of user interface best practices, derived from a popular book on the topic, that maximize attractiveness, ease-of-use, and accessibility for such apps. Which of the following options BEST categorizes the test technique you are using?

Select ONE option.

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39. Programmers often write and execute unit tests against code which they have written. During this self-testing activity, which of the following is a tester mindset that programmers should adopt to perform this unit testing effectively?

Select ONE option.

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40. Which one of the following is NOT included in a test summary report?

Select ONE option.


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