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2018v3.1 - Exam 4

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1. A phone ringing momentarily distracts a programmer, causing the programmer to improperly program the logic that checks the upper boundary of an input variable. Later, during system testing, a tester notices that this input field accepts invalid input values. The improperly coded logic for the upper boundary check is:

Select ONE option.

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2. Mr. Test has been testing software applications on mobile devices for a period of 5 years. He has a wealth of experience in testing mobile applications and achieves better results in a shorter time than others. Over several months, Mr. Test did not modify the existing automated test cases and did not create any new test cases. This leads to fewer and fewer defects being found by executing the tests. What principle of testing did Mr. Test not observe?

Select ONE option.

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3. Given the following priorities and dependencies for these test cases:

Which of the following test execution schedules BEST considers the priorities and technical and logical dependencies?

Select ONE option.

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4. Which activities are carried out within the planning of a formal review?

Select ONE option.

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5. Which of the following statements about test estimation approaches is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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6. For which of the following situations is exploratory testing suitable?

Select ONE option.

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7. Which of the following is an example of a task that can be carried out as part of the test process?

Select ONE option.

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8. You are engaged in planning a test effort for a new mobile banking application. As part of estimation, you first meet with the proposed testers and others on the project. The team is well-coordinated and has already worked on similar projects. To verify the resulting estimate, you then refer to some industry averages for testing effort and costs on similar projects, published by a reputable consultant.

Which statement accurately describes your estimation approach?

Select ONE option.

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9. You are working as a tester on an online banking system. Availability is considered one of the top products (quality) risks for the system. You find a reproducible failure that results in customers losing their connections to the bank Web site when transferring funds between common types of accounts and being unable to reconnect for between three and five minutes.

Which of the following would be a good summary for a defect report for this failure, one that captures both the essence of the failure and its impact on stakeholders?

Select ONE option.

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10. Which of the following tools is most useful for reporting test metrics?

Select ONE option.

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11. You are performing system testing of a train reservation system. Based on the test cases performed, you have noticed that the system occasionally reports that no trains are available, although this should be the case. You have provided the developers with a summary of the defect and the version of the tested system. They recognize the urgency of the defect and are now waiting for you to provide further details.

In addition to the information already provided, the following additional information is given:

1. Degree of impact (severity) of the defect
2. Identification of the test object
3. Details of the test environment
4. Urgency/priority to fix
5. Actual results
6. Reference to test case specification

Which of this additional information is most useful to include in the defect report?

Select ONE option.

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12. What is checklist-based testing?

Select ONE option.

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13. Which one of the following is the BEST definition of an incremental development model?

Select ONE option.

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14. Consider the following types of defects that a test level might focus on:

a) Defects in separately testable modules or objects
b) Not focused on identifying defects
c) Defects in interfaces and interactions
d) Defects in the whole test object

Which of the following list correctly matches test levels from the Foundation syllabus with the defect focus options given above?

Select ONE option.

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15. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes a role of impact analysis in Maintenance Testing?

Select ONE option.

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16. Which one of the following is the description of statement coverage?

Select ONE option.

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17. Which one of the statements below describes the most common situation for a failure discovered during testing or in production?

Select ONE option.

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18. A daily radiation recorder for plants produces a sunshine score based on a combination of the number of hours a plant is exposed to the sun (below 3 hours, 3 to 6 hours or above 6 hours) and the average intensity of the sunshine (very low, low, medium, high).

Given the following test cases:

What is the minimum number of additional test cases that are needed to ensure full coverage of ALL VALID INPUT equivalence partitions?

Select ONE option.

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19. Which one of the following is MOST likely to be a benefit of test execution tools?

Select ONE option.

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20. Which of the following should NOT be a trigger for maintenance testing?

Select ONE option.

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21. You are testing a mobile app that allows users to find a nearby restaurant, based on the type of food they want to eat. Consider the following list of test cases, priorities (smaller number is high priority), and dependencies, in the following format:

Which of the following is a possible test execution schedule that considers both priorities and dependencies?

Select ONE option.

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22. You are testing an e-commerce system that sells cooking supplies such as spices, flour, and other items in bulk. The units in which the items are sold are either grams (for spices and other expensive items) or kilograms (for flour and other inexpensive items). Regardless of the units, the smallest valid order amount is 0.5 units (e.g., half a gram of cardamom pods) and the largest valid order amount is 25.0 units (e.g., 25 kilograms of sugar). The precision of the unit’s field is 0.1 units.

Which of the following is a set of input values that cover the boundary values with two-point boundary values for this field?

Select ONE option.

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23. Which of the following statements BEST describes how test cases are derived from a use case?

Select ONE option.

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24. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY reflects the value of static testing?

Select ONE option.

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25. Which of the following BEST describes how value is added by maintaining traceability between the test basis and test artifacts?

Select ONE option.

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26. A mass market operating system software product is designed to run on any PC hardware with an x86-family processor. You are running a set of tests to look for defects related to support of the various PCs that use such a processor and to build confidence that important PC brands will work. What type of test are you performing?

Select ONE option.

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27. Which statement about the relationship between statement coverage and decision coverage is true?

Select ONE option.

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28. Which of the following CORRECTLY matches the roles and responsibilities in a formal review?

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29. Which one of the following answers describes a test condition?

Select ONE option.

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30. Which of the following provides the BEST description of exploratory testing?

Select ONE option.

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31. Which of the following statements about test types and test levels is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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32. Given the following state model of a battery charger software:

Which of the following sequences of transitions provides the highest level of transition coverage for the model?

Select ONE option.

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33. Given the following statements about the relationships between software development activities and test activities in the software development lifecycle:

1. Each development activity should have a corresponding testing activity
2. Reviewing should start as soon as final versions of documents become available
3. The design and implementation of tests should start during the corresponding development activity
4. Testing activities should start in the early stages of the software development lifecycle

Which of the following CORRECTLY shows which are true and false?

Select ONE option.

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34. Given the following examples of entry and exit criteria:

1. The original testing budget of $30,000 plus contingency of $7,000 has been spent
2. 96% of planned tests for the drawing package have been executed and the remaining tests are now out of scope
3. The trading performance test environment has been designed, set-up and verified
4. Current status is no outstanding critical defects and two high-priority ones
5. The autopilot design specifications have been reviewed and reworked
6. The tax rate calculation component has passed unit testing.

Which of the following BEST categorizes them as entry and exit criteria:

Select ONE option.

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35. You are testing a mobile app that allows customers to access and manage their bank accounts. You are running a test suite that involves evaluating each screen and each field on each screen against a general list of user interface best practices, derived from a popular book on the topic, that maximize attractiveness, ease-of-use, and accessibility for such apps. Which of the following options BEST categorizes the test technique you are using?

Select ONE option.

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36. How can white-box testing be applied during user acceptance testing?

Select ONE option.

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37. Which of the following statements on the use of checklists in a formal review is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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38. Which one of the following is the characteristic of a metrics-based approach for test estimation?

Select ONE option.

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39. Match the following test work products (1-4) with the right description (A-D).

1. Test suite
2. Test case
3. Test script
4. Test charter

A. A set of test scripts to be executed in a specific test run
B. A set of instructions for the execution of a test
C. Contains expected results
D. Documentation of test activities in session-based exploratory testing

Select ONE option.

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40. Which of the following statements correctly describes the difference between testing and debugging?

Select ONE option.


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