Exam 5

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Exam 5

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1. Which of the following skills (i-v) are the MOST important skills of a tester?

i. Having domain knowledge
ii. Creating a product vision
iii. Being a good team player
iv. Planning and organizing the work of the team
v. Critical thinking

Select ONE option.

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2. You are testing a temperature control system for a horticultural cold storage facility. The system receives the temperature (in full degrees Celsius) as the input. If the temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees inclusive, the system displays the message “temperature OK”. For lower temperatures, the system displays the message "temperature too low" and for higher temperatures it displays the message “temperature too high”.

Using two-value boundary value analysis, which of the following sets of test inputs provides the highest level of boundary value coverage?

Select ONE option.

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3. Which of the following is a good testing practice that applies to all software development lifecycles?

Select ONE option.

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4. Which of the following pieces of information contained in a test progress report is the LEAST useful for business representatives?

Select ONE option.

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5. Given the following descriptions of review activities:

1. Detected anomalies are deliberated upon, and determinations are reached regarding their status, ownership, and any further steps needed
2. Issues are recorded, and any needed updates are addressed prior to the acceptance of the work product
3. Reviewers employ techniques to come up with suggestions and questions about the work product and to spot anomalies
4. The objective of the review and its schedule are established to ensure a focused and efficient review
5. Participants are provided with access to the item being reviewed

Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence in the review process of the activities that correspond to the descriptions?

Select ONE option.

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6. Which TWO of the following statements provide the BEST rationale for using exploratory testing?

Select TWO options.

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7. You were given a task to analyze and fix causes of failures in a new system to be released.

Which activity are you performing?

Select ONE option.

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8. Which of the following is a benefit of early and frequent feedback?

Select ONE option.

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9. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a test plan?

Select ONE option.

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10. Which of the following statements BEST describes the acceptance test-driven development (ATDD) approach?

Select ONE option.

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11. Which of the following is an advantage of the whole team approach?

Select ONE option.

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12. You perform system testing of an e-commerce web application and are provided with the following requirement:

REQ 05-017. If the total cost of purchases exceeds $100, the customer gets a 5% discount on subsequent purchases. Otherwise, the customer does not receive a discount.

Which test techniques will be MOST helpful in designing test cases based on this requirement?

Select ONE option.

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13. Which of the following is a product quality metric?

Select ONE option.

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14. Which of the following is a typical test objective?

Select ONE option.

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15. Given the following test tasks:

1. Derive test cases from test conditions
2. Identify reusable testware
3. Organize test cases into test procedures
4. Evaluate test basis and test object

And the following test activities:

A. Test analysis
B. Test design
C. Test implementation
D. Test completion

Which of the following BEST matches the tasks with the activities?

Select ONE option.

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16. Which of the following provides the BEST description of the shift-left approach?

Select ONE option.

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17. According to the testing quadrants model, which of the following falls into quadrant Q1 (“technology facing” and “support the team”)?

Select ONE option.

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18. Which TWO of the following tasks belong MAINLY to a testing role?

Select TWO options.

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19. Which of the following statements is a CORRECT example of the value of traceability?

Select ONE option.

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20. Which collaborative user story writing practice enables the team to achieve a collective understanding of what needs to be delivered?

Select ONE option.

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21. Consider the following defect report for a web-based shopping application:

What is the MOST important information that is missing from this report?

Select ONE option.

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22. How can white-box testing be useful in support of black-box testing?

Select ONE option.

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23. Which of the following is NOT a valid purpose for a test report?

Select ONE options.

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24. Which test activity does a data preparation tool support?

Select ONE option.

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25. You are testing a mobile application that allows users to find a nearby restaurant based on the type of food they want to eat. Consider the following list of test cases, priorities (i.e., a smaller number means a higher priority), and dependencies:

Which of the following test cases should be executed as the third one?

Select ONE option.

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26. You are testing a sort function that gets a set of numbers as input and returns the same set of numbers sorted in ascending order. The log from the test execution looks as follows.

Which of the following provides the BEST description of the failure that can be used in a defect report?

Select ONE option.

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27. You have just started designing test cases for the following user story.

In all test cases the precondition is as follows: there are only two products available, products A and B. Product A costs $100 and product B costs $110.

Which of the following is the BEST example of a test case for this user story?

Select ONE option.

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28. Customers of the TestWash car wash chain have cards with a record of the number of washes they have bought so far. The initial value is 0. After entering the car wash, the system increases the number on the card by one. This value represents the number of the current wash. Based on this number the system decides what discount the customer is entitled to.

For every tenth wash the system gives a 10% discount, and for every twentieth wash, the system gives a further 40% discount (i.e., a 50% discount in total).

Which of the following sets of input data (understood as the numbers of the current wash) achieves the highest equivalence partition coverage?

Select ONE option.

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29. The team wants to estimate the time needed for one tester to execute four test cases for a software component. The team has gathered the following measures of the effort used to execute a single test case:

  • Best-case scenario: 1 hour
  • Worst-case scenario: 8 hours
  • Most likely scenario: 3 hours

Given that the three-point estimation technique is being used, what is the final estimate of the time needed to execute all four test cases?

Select ONE option.

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30. In your project there has been a delay in the release of a brand-new application and test execution started late, but you have very detailed domain knowledge and good analytical skills. The full list of requirements has not yet been shared with the team, but management is asking for some test results to be presented.

Which test technique fits BEST in this situation?

Select ONE option.

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31. You are testing a PIN validator, which accepts valid PINs and rejects invalid PINs. A PIN is a sequence of digits. A PIN is valid if it consists of four digits, at least two of which are different. You have identified the following valid equivalence partitions:

Variable: PIN code length

  • The partition “length correct” - four-digit PINs
  • The partition “length incorrect” - PINs with length other than 4

Variable: Number of different digits

  • The partition “number of different digits correct” - PINs with at least two different digits
  • The partition “number of different digits incorrect” - PINs with all digits being the same

Which of the following is a MINIMUM set of input test data that covers all identified equivalence partitions?

Select ONE option.

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32. During a risk analysis the following risk was identified and assessed:

  • Risk: Response time is too long to generate a report
  • Risk likelihood: medium; risk impact: high
  • Response to risk:
    • An independent test team performs performance testing during system testing
    • A selected sample of end users performs alpha and beta acceptance testing before the release

What measure is proposed to be taken in response to this analyzed risk?

Select ONE option.

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33. You run two test cases, T1 and T2, on the same code. Test T1 achieved 40% statement coverage and test T2 achieved 65% statement coverage.

Which of the following sentences must be necessarily true?

Select ONE option.

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34. During risk analysis the team considered the following risk: “The system allows too high a discount for a customer”. The team estimated the risk impact to be very high.

What can one say about the risk likelihood?

Select ONE option.

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35. Which of the following is an advantage of the whole-team approach?

Select ONE option.

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36. Which of the following is an example of how product risk analysis may influence the thoroughness and scope of testing?

Select ONE option.

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37. Which of the following statements about the value of static testing is CORRECT?

Select ONE option.

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38. One of the ‘principles of testing’ states that exhaustive testing is impossible. Which of the following is an example of addressing this principle in practice?

Select ONE option.

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39. You test a system whose lifecycle is modeled by the state transition diagram shown below. The system starts in the INIT state and ends its operation in the OFF state.

What is the MINIMAL number of test cases to achieve valid transitions coverage?

Select ONE option.

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40. Which of the following activities in the test process makes the MOST use of test progress reports?

Select ONE option.


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